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Located in the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania
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Mountain summits, deep river valleys and sheltered woodland coves in the region are home to wildflowers of the Appalachians. Spring brings hepaticas, trilliums and an array of violets. Summer is highlighted by dense tangles of rhododendron and the vivid orange of Turk╩╝s-cap-lily. For botanists the micro-climates along the banks of the Youghiogheny River provide special habitats for rare plants, including large-flowered marshallia and blue monkshood.

Fall is especially beautiful as the rich diversity of trees, each displaying a different hue as their leaves turn, blanket the hills and ridges in a calico quilt of color.

Flora near Confluence PA


The mountains and rivers touching Confluence are home to an array of wildlife. Along with the familiar deer, squirrel, and chipmunks, you might get a glimpse of river otter or beaver. Deer, turkey, and black bear abound, as do mink, raccoon, fox and coyote.

If bird watching is your delight, spring along the rivers is especially good as migrants stream through the low water gaps. The highlight of the avian experience are the bald eagles that are regularly seen along the waters around Confluence.
Eagle near Confluence PA

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Powdermill Nature Preserve

Fawn near Confluence PA

Natural Areas

The region around Confluence has a host of outstanding ecosystems that are protected by state agencies and private groups.

Bear Run Nature Reserve is the largest property, 5000+ acres, owned by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Over 20 miles of trails lace through the watersheds of Bear and Laurel Runs.

Ferncliff Natural Area, located in Ohiopyle State Park, was dedicated as a National Natural Landmark in 1974 and as a PA State Park Natural Area in 1992. Easy hiking trails allow visitor access to the unique plants that are found only in the deep valleys of the Yough River.

Mount Davis, the highest elevation in PA at 3,213 feet, is the highlight of the State Forest Natural Area of the same name. Mt. Davis is easily accessible and there are a variety of easy trails to explore the summit of Negro Mountain.

Photos of Natural Areas near Confluence PA